The practice of gun law is exceedingly complex and tedious. Without proper representation a seemingly minor problem can lead to potentially severe consequences. Hiring a good gun licensing lawyer is therefore a crucial investment.


We appreciate that when you hire us to handle your firearms licensing case, you are trusting us to help you with any issue or problem which may arise. Or, to simply help you through the maze that is the licensing process itself.

Why Choose Us to Handle Your Gun License Matter?




    • NYC POLICE COMMISSIONER WILLIAM J. BRATTON refers a case to the law firm in 1997.


    • TOP LAWYERS use the services of THE CHAMBERS LAW FIRM.


    • CHAMBERS, A FORMER ASSISTANT DISTRICT ATTORNEY, is the ONLY lawyer specializing in gun licensing EXCLUSIVELY.


    • INNOVATIVE ALTERNATIVES — When faced with lengthy, expensive and protracted litigation, THE CHAMBERS LAW FIRM will always quest to uncover potentially viable and less expensive alternatives to solve an issue.


    • PROFESSIONALISM — Integrity and respect are hallmarks of our firm, and these principles are reflected in our work product.


    • REGULARLY AT POLICE HEADQUARTERS, NYC. — John S. Chambers has been regularly appearing for clients at 1 Police Plaza since 1986. As a young attorney, he recognized the value in diving into each project and knowing the personnel within the Pistol License Division in order to get a better sense of the “living” law, and not just the handgun licensing statute and the ordinances/rules of the City in this regard.