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NYPD Pistol License Division’s View of Non-Attorneys Who Call Themselves “Pistol License Consultants”

A pistol license consultant in New York City is a person who is NOT an attorney, has no right or license to practice law, and who may hold himself out to be ‘expert’ in the field of gun licensing.

This individual cannot represent you within the Pistol License Division.  In fact, they are not even welcome to accompany you to Police Headquarters.

Why would the Pistol License Division frown so on them?

Many are unscrupulous.  Some have advised applicants to carry concealed even though they only hold a mere home possession license.

And, simply put, many screw people over by making guarantees of success which are unrealistic and never materialize.

There are no regulations pertaining to “consultants.” They can (and often do) open and close in the blink of an eye. Even the ones that are more reputable, can only offer you what is essentially a typing service. They cannot offer you ANY legal advice, whatsoever.

Why would you pay hundreds, and even thousands of dollars to a typing service?

This is why the NYPD generally frowns on the so-called ‘pistol license consultant.’ Over the decades, the NYPD has taken its share of complaints about these “services,” and their claims and tactics.

Take the advice of the Pistol License Division, stay way from those who are not attorneys and who claim to be experts in the gun licensing field in NYC.

Also, make sure, if you want to retain an attorney, that he is REALLY an attorney. Believe it or not, there is at least one individual other there who holds himself out to be an attorney in this realm.

This is a case of ‘BUYER BEWARE!”


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