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What makes a GREAT lawyer?

  • January 29th, 2014
  • John S. Chambers
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Finding and choosing a good gun licensing attorney is just like the search for any other kind of attorney.  Here is what makes a great lawyer:


EXPERIENCE:  What makes a good gun licensing lawyer is someone who has spent years both practicing before the Pistol License Division AND litigating all types of issues relating to licensing and guns.  The CHAMBERS LAW FIRM offers this, as well as having also litigated criminal cases,  on both the prosecution and defense sides.  Although experience in the actual field of gun licensing is important- and it is clear that this law firm has that experience – the fact that Mr. Chambers has argued a case in the highest Court in New York State, and tried jury cases (both felon and misdemeanor), demonstrates a depth of experience which no other lawyer in this field can boast.  In addition, the law firm brings something to the table that no other law firm, lawyer, or consultant can bring:  that is, over 40 years of combined experience in the field of gun licensing issues of Mr. Chambers and his staff. 


REPUTATION: We often tell the story that if you walk into a top NYC restaurant and you see a top chef, like Bobby Flay, eating at this restaurant, you can rest assured that the restaurant is top notch and the food will be wonderful.  Similarly, the CHAMBERS LAW FIRM has received (and CONTINUES TO RECEIVE) referrals from top attorneys in New York City, including Barry I. Slotnick, David Brietbart, and Gerald Shargel.  In addition, after his first tenure as  New York City’s Police Commissioner, the Honorable William J. Bratton, referred a client to the CHAMBERS LAW FIRM in 1996 who appeared on the Forbes World’s Billionaires list.   We’ve also had referrals from judges who are familiar with our legal work.  As well, over the years retired police officers, detectives, sergeants, etc. have referred cases to this law firm.  We have also been retained to represent the four major public ranges and gun shops within the City of New York over the years.  (Westside Rifle and Pistol Range and John Jovino’s Gun Shop in Manhattan, Woodhaven Rifle and Pistol Range in Queens, and Olinville Gun Shop and Range in the Bronx).


PASSION, PERSEVERANCE & COURAGE:  A convicted felon (convicted in Federal Court of “money laundering,” “Racketeering,” “tax evasion”) came to this law firm hoping to retain us to procure a return of his handgun license following his conviction, on several counts, in Federal court. Reluctantly, we accepted the case.  We had trepidation due to the magnitude of the conviction.  In any event, we took the case.  We first went about obtaining a Federal Certificate of Relief from Civil Disabilities from the BATF.  (Something that cannot be done currently).  It took almost two years to get this relief. Once we had this in hand, we applied our client for a business premise handgun license in New York City.  He was denied. With filing an appeal within the agency, and commencing an Article 78 in State Supreme Court, yet another three years went by and we were now in the Appellate Division fighting for the return of his gun license.   When that was again denied, as we waited for the Court of Appeals to decide on our Motion for Leave to Appeal, we submitted an application for a target license in Nassau County, where our client resided.  After Mr. Chambers personally met with the then Commanding Officer Richard Snizek of the Nassau County Pistol Licensing Bureau, the client was issued a pistol license.  After a total of almost seven years, we were now in a position to apply for a return of the client’s NYC business related pistol license.  When this was issued, the client was ecstatic, needless to say.  He greatly appreciated our perseverance, and the courage we had to go down as many roads as we needed to in order to be successful in our quest.

You may be wishing to obtain a gun license, or you may have a problem or issue with your handgun license or rifle/shotgun permit.  If you are looking for an attorney to guide you, and to represent you, THE CHAMBERS law firm is prepared to do so with EXPERIENCE, REPUTATION, PASSION, PERSEVERANCE & COURAGE!

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  1. Joseph Perrone
    July 10, 2015

    Hey Mr Chambers my name is Joseph Perrone I have been trying to contact you to ask if you would handle a case in Nassau county