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Getting a NYC Pistol Permit

bullseye with gunGetting a pistol permit in New York City involves at least 4 trips to the NYPD, Pistol License Division.

Getting a pistol license in NYC involves patience, endurance, and focus.

If you seek a concealed handgun license, and you do not have a business in New York City, you are not going to be issued a carry license. Carry licenses are issued to either owners or managers (where the owner “endorses” the manager) of business wherein the day-to-day activities involve substantial cash amounts and deposits, or some other activity which causes potential grave danger to the owner/manager. (Such as a furrier, or diamond dealer).

Getting a pistol permit in New York involves documentation.

The documentation required by the New York City Police Department depends upon the type of license you are seeking.  Naturally, business  related licenses, required more documents, as you must establish a legitimate and viable NYC business endeavor.  Even with simple home possession/target licenses, you will be asked to provide such items as your social security card, proof of a means of making a living (not always easy for those who are self-employed),  your driver’s license, and character affidavits.

Do not think that you can apply for a gun license in NYC without providing a mountain of documents- particularly, if you are seeking a CONCEALED CARRY LICENSE.

Penal Law 400 and the Rules of the City of New York, Title 38, Chapter 5, deal with the law and regulations in this regard. However, reading these provisions will not make things much clearer to you.

The process itself is much more difficult than it looks- a review of the application for a pistol license will reveal that the questions seem basic enough, and are certainly straight forward. The NYPD, Pistol License Division, has a good website you may peruse.

If the application was simple, and the questions straight forward,   why do so  many clients come to us at the point of appeal, after having been denied a pistol license for answering a question on the pistol license application falsely….or, what the Pistol License Division perceives as falsely?

In many ways getting a pistol license in NYC is a minefield.  Even for those with a perfect record, the process is arduous and can be extremely frustrating.  For those with less than a perfect record, without the proper, competent and experienced guidance and advice,  your chances of success may diminish.

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  1. Angel Menendez
    June 1, 2015

    I’ve been denied in Suffolk County NY just to keep a pistol in the house. Does your firm work out on the Island?