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Elliot Rodger a 22 year old Santa Barbara resident died by his own hand after going on a mass shooting spree near the University of California.

Elliot Rodger had a clean record, and all the guns and ammunition he owned and used to kill innocent people were legally possessed.  And, even though he first stabbed and killed his two roommates and a friend of theirs, he then proceeded to a popular sorority and shot several girls, killing two, and injuring another. After which, he drove and shot at pedestrians and killed a shopper at a local convenience store. When officers finally caught up to him, he got back in his BMW and killed himself.

The anti-gun lobby has already started screaming for MORE GUN CONTROL.  The anti-gun lobby has already blamed it on the guns and the NRA.  (I wonder – we all know they wish to BAN ALL GUNS, do they also wish to BAN ALL KNIVES or sharp objects now, too, since this lunatic killed 3 of his victims with a knife?)

Before going any further, we have to keep in mind that six people were killed. Three by gun, and three were stabbed to death.

Even with gun or guns, it’s clear that this demented young man was intent upon murder, and he was going to carry it out no matter what.

Here are my thoughts on the subject matter:

What went wrong here?

Since there was advance “notice” regarding Elliot Rodger’s mental state, why wasn’t anything done to thwart this tragedy?

Can we at the very least use this as opportunity to open the lines of communication and figure out how we can stop these mentally unstable 20-something year old men from doing this again and again?

As to this particular set of facts,  the very first thing you need to know is that, according to reports, the family of Elliot Rogers were disturbed by videos he was making right up to the day before this horrific crime.  (According to a lawyer representing the Rodger family, alleged Santa Barbara mass shooter Elliot Rodger was “a high-functioning patient with Asperger syndrome” who “had trouble making friends.”) They did the right thing. They notified the Sheriff’s Department immediately about these alarming videos.  This was several weeks before Elliot Rogers’ bloody massacre.

Now you ask:  What happened?

If the family was aware of a potential problem AND if the authorities were told about the fear in the hearts of the family of Elliot Rogers, WHAT THE HECK HAPPENED? Why wasn’t this averted? Why couldn’t it have been prevented?

Can we blame the family of the mass murdered?

Can we blame the police authorities?

Put yourself in the shoes of the family…..they did what they thought was the right thing.  They notified the police.

What the did police do?  They got a SNOW JOB from a NUT JOB.

Seriously,  one report stated that after the police interviewed Elliot Rodger, the police felt he was a very “polite young man.”

A polite young man?


I am very pro-police.  I believe they have an extremely tough job, and the preponderance of them do that job with dignity, professionalism and pride.

In this case, however, they failed ALL of us big time. However, we do have to keep in mind, Elliot was a master of manipulation, apparently.

The killer himself wrote in his 140  page manifesto that when the cops interviewed him, he thought they would find certain things in his room, and that “it would be over.”

The authorities did not delve, and that’s sad. They instead relied upon a single conversation with this soon-to-be mass murderer in which they concluded he was no threat.

Now I ask you, are the police really trained in psychiatry/psychology?  Are they trained enough to tell when a mental deranged person, who was about the explode and annihilate many people?

No, they are not trained mental health professionals.

Elliot Rodgers should have been subject to a search warrant.  If that had been done, there is little doubt that the police would have no longer believed that Mr. Rodger was a polite young man, but rather someone on the cusp of mass murder.  And, even if they did not realize this (because they don’t have the training to assess someone as a psychiatrist does), they would have come up with enough evidence to have him involuntarily committed for an assessment of his mental state.

We can’t blame the police altogether.  We have to blame the law, as well.  Because we value our independence, it is very difficult to bring someone into a mental institution, even if it is only for an evaluation, without their  consent.  Additionally, once they are evaluated,  even if deep problems are found,  there is not much that can be done vis-a-vis keeping them inside and, thus protecting the public from the kind of thing violent rampage that happened late Friday night in Santa Barbara.

I don’t profess to have all the answers. I do have a question, however; when are we going to wake up as a society and realize that we have to do something about this– together we have to figure out what can be done to prevent these horrific events in our beloved American. STOP BLAMING THE GUN, GET OFF YOUR SOAPBOX, AND LET’S WORK TOGETHER TO FIND SOLUTIONS.

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