Our Guarantee

As with any law firm you retain, we cannot (and will not) make guarantees to our clients as to the likelihood of success.

We do, however, guarantee that we will decline cases which we believe could never succeed.

In 1993, Mr. Chambers learned a hard lesson in this regard in connection with a case he almost declined as he was sure that it would not be successful.

In that case, the applicant for a handgun license had been arrested on three separate occasions. All of the arrests were for alleged violent behavior. In connection with one of the arrests, the individual had been charged with felonious assault.

Mr. Chambers initially declined to take the case. He was convinced that the applicant would be denied. He also believed that the NYS Supreme Court would not reverse the NYPD’s action of denying the handgun license based upon a claim that the applicant failed to show he possessed the “fitness and character” for licensure.

Mr. Chambers finally decided to take the case. Although the applicant was indeed denied by the Pistol License Division, when the Chambers law firm mounted a lawsuit in NYS Supreme Court, THE CHAMBERS LAW FIRM WON THE CASE.  The Court held that the agency must issue this applicant his pistol permit, despite the three arrests for violent behavior.

This was a very important lesson learned.

Even with this major win, however, this has not stopped this law firm from declining cases where the chances of success are deemed to be so slim, as to be almost impossible–particularly, where there have been issues of domestic violence, arrests for violent behavior, or psychiatric history.

We decide whether to accept a case on a case-by-case basis.

Keep in mind, if the Chambers law firm does accept your case, this does not mean we guarantee success.

If the Chambers law firm does accept your case, we do guarantee that you will receive unparalleled professional service, two decades of experience, and the services of an attorney with a litigating background unmatched in this specialty.