John S. Chambers, Esq.

Mr. Chambers is the #1 lawyer in New York City in the realm of gun licensing, and Second Amendment issues.  He has handled 1,000s of matters before the NYPD, Pistol License Division. He has litigated over 200 hundred cases within New York State court system.

A highly experienced litigator,  John Chambers has been before several juries, and also argued before the highest court in New York State, the NYS Court of Appeals in Albany.

John S. Chambers

John S. Chambers, Esquire, a former New York City prosecutor, has been practicing law before the New York City Police Department, Pistol License Division, since 1986.

Mr. Chambers specializes in all phases of pistol licensing from the initial application through the challenging of a final agency action in New York State Supreme Court, and into the appeals process in the Appellate Division, and Court of Appeals.