Law Office of John S. Chambers:

Second Amendment Attorney Since 1986

Who We Are

We are a law firm whose staff has an aggregate experience in Second Amendment/ gun licensing matters of more than four decades. Our practice has brought us up to Albany to argue before the Court of Appeals. Although we practice gun licensing law throughout the State of New York, 85% of our cases are New York City based.

Our Philosophy

We take each case and examine it closely before we accept it. Although we know we cannot win every case, we have made it a policy to reject cases that, we believe, cannot be won. That does not mean, if we accept your case, that you are guaranteed to win. It means that we have assessed your matter and believe that there is a chance that we could be successful for you. With over 40 years of collective experience with the CHAMBERS LAW FIRM staff, we are able to assess gun licensing issues like nobody else.

has a combination of over 40 years experience in gun licensing matter.

No other lawyer or law firm in NY can offer
the years of experience in this highly specialized area of practice.


  • Nassau County Law Firm Tells Individual: “YOU WILL NEVER GET A GUN LICENSE IN NYC.”  She Finds The Chambers Law Firm & She is NOW Licensed in NYC.

    John Chambers does the impossible!

    When my father passed away recently, he was a NYC pistol licensee. As his only child, he wanted me to have his firearms collection.

    The problem was I have been arrested for altering my driver’s license (Criminal Possession of a FORGED Instrument), so I sought legal advice and assistance in connection with applying for a pistol license.

    I made the mistake of first contacting a supposedly well-known Nassau County law firm claiming to “specialize” in obtaining NYC handgun licenses, as this firm was referred to me. I spoke directly to the main partner who told me in NO UNCERTAIN TERMS that the NYPD would NEVER give me a license based upon my arrest history. I was also told to not waste my money on the application fee.  At that time I became very discouraged.

    Thankfully, I decided to search the internet to see if there was any possibility of ever getting a license. I found the Law Offices of John S. Chambers website. I was amazed at the clients’ stories! I contacted the office right away and scheduled a paid phone consultation.

    When I spoke to Mr. Chambers, I was immediately put at ease by his assuring and knowledgeable manner. He was certain he could help, and he did!!!  Because of the CHAMBERS LAW FIRM, I am now a licensed gun owner!!

    Make no mistake about it,  John Chambers does the impossible! Thank you to Mr. Chambers and staff (Christina)!

    Ann S.

    [Submitted August, 2015]

    Ann S., Very Satisfied Client!

  • Famed Attorney: BARRY I. SLOTNICK, raves:

    I recognize John S. Chambers to be a noteworthy lawyer within his jurisdiction and in his field. I respect John’s legal observations and conclusions. The first case I referred to his law firm was way back in 1993. His dedication to his craft and his country is commendable.

    I plan to continue our work cooperation well into the future.


    Barry I. Slotnick, Esq.
    Chairman, New York Litigation Group
    Buchanan Ingersoll & Rooney, P.C.

    [Submission Date: July, 2015]

    Barry I. Slotnick, Esquire, Buchanan Ingersoll & Rooney, P.C.

  • For Three Years I Monkeyed Around With A Different Law Firm That Could Not Produce

    After over 3 YEARS and thousands of dollars in legal fees, I finally had a very good idea to reach out to John Chambers after finding his law firm online. I took the time to outline my exact situation… happily paid for his phone consultation, hired him and literally within a very brief amount of time received 3 firearms permits (home premise, business premise and rifle/shotgun).

    My previous attorney (a Westchester law firm) was a self-proclaimed ‘second amendment’ specialist lawyer… YouTube videos of him guest speaking at colleges, giving second amendment lectures, etc. but couldn’t help me at all. We literally sent several appeals to NYPD regarding my denial, and even filed an Article 78 lawsuit against NYPD which was delayed and tied up for years!!!!

    Again, called John Chambers… told him the story; he said this can be fixed, told me how much it would cost, I paid and voila… PRESTO. My ‘second amendment’ rights have been restored.  I am licensed for both pistols and long arms today only because of Mr. John S. Chambers.

    Thank you John & staff! -Tony Ross, Brooklyn, New York

    [Submission Date: June, 2015].

    Tony Ross, Urge Mobile